Welcome to Tiferes Travel!

Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?

– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.


24664824Tiferes Travel is devoted to helping people like you navigate their visit of Israel. We handle your trip from beginning to end with services like discount hotel booking, car rentals, cell phone rental, guided tours and VIP airport service. Visiting Israel is a fun and meaningful experience, but sorting out the technicalities of where to stay, what attractions to see, and how to get around can be daunting. Located in the heart of Jerusalem, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing top-notch American customer service to help you plan the trip of a lifetime!



For over ten years, Tzvi and Baila Miro have been helping newly engaged couples plan their weddings in Israel. Over the years, overwhelmed new couples have asked the Miros to help them find quality accommodations and activities for their visiting relatives.

By word of mouth alone, the Miros rapidly became the address for English speaking visitors to Israel. Today they have expanded to include all sorts of trips to Israel–from relaxing getaways to exotic adventures and more.  Whether it’s hotel accommodations, car rentals, tour bookings or event planning, Tiferes Travel does it all! Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have returned again and again to appreciate the timeless beauty of Israel.

For more info, email us at info@tiferes.co.il or give us a call at: 1 (800) 651-7026 (U.S.) or            (02) 650-8840       (Israel).



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