Tiferes- Tours – The Best Way! – Personal and Unique

Tiferes means beautiful and balanced! OUR Even NEWER website – click here now !!!

Click here- for The best Rates for Pesach/Passover in Jerusalem, 2012!!!

Please see the rates below for our amazing program at the Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem, Pesach 2012. All the information about our program is included in the below email. Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem- A 5 star deluxe hotel in center of town! The following 9 night package includes:

Great new deals for Jan/Feb 2012 with Totourisrael!

To Tour Israel the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?
The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.  For more info,
1 (800) 651-7026       from America or
052 765 8009        from Israel.
Email info@totourisrael.com.
Check out all our latest updates and Check out our website now!

What we can do to help

ToTourIsrael enjoys helping people navigate their visit of Israel. We handle your visit from beginning to end with services like hotel booking, car rentals, cell phone rental, guided tours and VIP airport service.

Visiting a new region and a new country is fun and exciting, but sorting out the technicalities of where to stay, what attractions to see and how to get around can be daunting. Located in the heart of Jerusalem, our dedicated staff is dedicated to providing top-notch American customer service and helping you find what suites you best.

  • We have the Best Prices Available!
  • As a result of the large volume of business we do, we have some leverage over our suppliers which others might not enjoy to the same extent. We do our best to pass these savings on to our customers.
  • We’re One of the Largest
  • Since 2000, we have built a reputation as a major player within the travel industry. As one of Israel’s largest wholesale tour operators we have relationships with major hotels throughout the country. That means we get better deals and service for you.

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