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    The tours you choose when traveling in general, and most certainly when exploring Israel, will leave you with an experience that lasts a lifetime. That’s because these tours are about more than just enjoying a vacation in a unique nation. They allow individuals to connect with the past, explore important aspects of their heritage and even enjoy natural therapeutic wonders. There are many reasons people come to Israel and finding the right tour will help you make the most of your visit.

    If finding a connection to the past is the reason for your visit, you’ll find no shortage of engaging tours in Israel. Ancient sites and landmarks found in some of the oldest historical manuscripts are just some of the stops on the way. English speaking guides provide detailed information for each site and are happy to answer questions tourists may have. Some tours even allow visitors to join archaeological excavations, allowing them to discover the important history of Israel firsthand.

    Visitors can also be introduced to the unique natural aspects of Israel through guided tours. Magnificent mountains, exotic beaches and stunning caverns can all be experienced on a single tour. More popular natural attractions, including the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee can be experienced alongside a vast desert terrain. Visitors can even gain health benefits by relaxing in the therapeutic Dead Sea or the Tiberias hot springs. There are plenty of tours to guide visitors to the best spots in each location.

    Israeli tours can also help travelers connect with important aspects of their heritage. Visitors can take a firsthand tour of the stories found in the Five Books of Moses by visiting the actual sites in which they took place. They will be provided with the opportunity to walk in the same areas as other important historical figures and even view some of the original manuscripts written by the prophets. There are few other places on Earth that offer this kind of experience; yet such tours are abundant in Israel.

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